Five Nights at Freddy

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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Five Nights at Freddy's

If you do not die of a heart attack while playing “Five Nights” in Freddie, then get ready for a terrific follow-up, which will take you to the most awesome pizza joint in the world, even as a night watchman. If you think that horse racing in the first game were terrible, wait until you play fiveNights Freddie second

Therefore, the work

As in the first game, five nights Freddy 2 sees you assume the role of a security guard at the restaurant for seven nedeli.Est changes take place in the entire game (including the day shift, for the first time), but one bad night game in the demo.

kjekoj is located in the control roomIt is almost the same as in the previous versions. You have to use surveillance cameras to monitor the animatronic creatures and ensure that they vvayshliu your office and you do not feel suffocated. This time there are no doors to keep them prviotzbunet.

Instead, you are equipped bear maskFreddie Fazbear, you need to quickly grab it and put it on When one of these creatures approach. This is to prevent the attack you because they think you’re one of them. You also have a lamp that allows you to look into the hall to see what might happen.

fear night

with a total of11 characters to sachytsza, and without leaving the office with print, you feel much more vulnerable vPyat nights Freddie 2. Scroll through the CCTV cameras is simple, but you need to quickly podgotvimaska ​​if you want to survive. Because of this, the game is much harder than the first five nacheyu Freddie, and whatreally need your wits if you want to avoid jumping jumps – which, incidentally, do not shout louder than ever.
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In addition to new characters and mechanics masks, five days voFredi 2 added a new feature where you can naladits10Animatronnyh characters, allowing you to adjust the levelsweight. Increasing the maximum for each is, in fact, do not give a chance to finish his shift on his face, still sticks to your head.

should be

graphic PetkaNokji Freddy 2 Nha better in the first game, and the style is almost the same. 3D-graphics are not very complicated,and animation is almost non-existent, but the good news is that it ochendelo. In fact, it contributes to cooling of the charm of the game.

One of the things that zrabilipershuyu game is so terrible, were sound effects, and, fortunately, “Five Nights” in “Freddy 2” stand out in this area. From strange shuffling soundthe hissing noise from all that the camera is designed to be placed on the edge of – and indeed it is. It is especially slabymmestsam was music in the style of “Jack in the Box” that seems to play for centuries, building in tempo and tension with each cycle.

Game if you choose

Althoughat first glance it does not seem like an upgrade from the first version, the game pratsesistotna different from what makes five nights Freddy 2. Be careful of the game, however, it is znachitelnopoteshko than its predecessor, and racing will scare you whine on the floor, like a little child.


Five Nights at Freddy's