Alien: Covenant 2017 full torrent

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Alien: Covenant 2017

Alien: Covenant 2017 full torrent

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Alien: Covenant 2017

Ship colony reveals unexplored paradise with a threat that goes beyond imagination and must try to escape. Connected to a remote planet across the galaxy, the ship’s Covenant colony revealed that according to their opinion, neizsledvanaray butactually it is dark and dangerous world, which is the only resident of synthetic David, a survivor of the expedition convicted of Prometheus.

Alien: Pact. The crew of the colonies Pact seek a distant planet in the galaxy dalneyStorone. Upon arrival place does not seem to show kartatana near Paradisebut it turns dark and dangerous world, and is the only inhabitant of David, who survived sentenced expedition of Prometheus.


Classification: Not available

Release Date: May 11, 2017

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Thriller

Date: not available

Distributor: 20th CenturyFox

Cast: Michael Fassbender, NoomiRapache

Directed by Ridley Scott

Format: 2D

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Alien: Covenant 2017


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