Need for Speed Carbon x64 torrent download

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Need for Speed Carbon

Need for Speed Carbon x64 torrent download

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Need for Speed Carbon

Need for Speed ​​has been widely recognized as one of the best racing series ever made and Need For Speed ​​Carbon does not disappoint, with stunning style and realism.

Need For Speed ​​Carbon is fast and furious racing game that features city and canyon honochnyhumov. However, keep in mindthe download is huge, and you need a good 5 minutes to setup its course, once you do this, you think it’s worth it.

In Need For Speed ​​Carbondemo, you can adapt the three main machines -Shevrole Camaro SS, Lamborghini Gallardo and Mitsubishi EVO IX. After binding budevystupaty with three other friendsteam against 4 cars Scorpion. There are plenty of G-Force placed on the cars as they bend and you find yourself drifting too much. However, this is the way to earn points NeobhodimostiSkorost carbon – more drift, the more points. However, it is almost impossible to beatChief Scorpion car – they just premnoguprokleto rapidly and one mistake sees you out of the game forever.

Great racing game that definitely improved although Need for Speed ​​Carbon game can be so serious, you can easily give up.

Need For Speed ​​Rivals offers futuristic streetbattle for gamers. Players lightning streets of subjects through the fictional town district Redview speed addicts or law enforcers- gives players shansbetweenboth switch on the side of the law, up to karieratai rozblokuvatynovi cars and technical toys.

Action racing on two screens

In Need For Speed ​​Rivals,there are only two types of machines, hunter and persecuted. obestorony law, the player can cut awesomecareer.

Players race inexotic racing cars, competingagainst each other in illegal street races zmahannyana a police patrol or escapingpersistent. Every time you play, you can throwvyzovdruhie drivers racein open game world. This also applies to other human players in public meetings or private races between friends. The need for online and offlaynrezhymah Speed ​​Rivals smoothly into one.

Runners go Full Tilt!

vPrizy in Need For Speed ​​Rivals take the formSpeed ​​Points (SP). The longer you keep yourwinning bands above multipliers more points rack up. If not yourpoints tosafety one time, you can izgubitezasekogash.

If you lose the race budeidtidomoy empty. The same thing happens if you let yourself get caught the police or,vehicle destroyed. If you lose against a human opponent, the winner gets points. Thus, players must carefully consider whether even hochutRyzyku race Guetta multiplier iliesli but it would be better to bank their points.

New cars canbe unlocked with runners from rising to the position of the number of races won. Kolatatogash must be purchased instant points. These points should be usedtonastroykidvihatel to improve management or to create visual accents – likestripes, racing paint or stickers.

Copstake the ram on his back

Cops hunt runners in Need For Speed ​​Rivals, certainly not harmless. They have access to takzhetakzhe patrol car fleet. Unlike drivers, they don’thave buy new cars. They are available as soon as needed rangse achieved. However, youcan not recognize these cars. Clean Master for PC 2014

Police beat rate uspeshnopohon glasses. On the other hand, they must race against time to goal – and should not stosuvatysyakordoniv road, RAM or other vehicles. Otherwise, there is a penalty.

Hunters and hunted relyingtechnology

To effectively combat criminals sulichnye, police have pinstrips, jammers, checkpoints and helicopters. A drivers’ for nyhcelinadomakjin ofassault weapons, or they may run theturbo and leave cops in the dust there are limits on both sides. By buynewtoys for kazhdohotransportnoe technical means and can not contain more than two at a time. In Need For Speed ​​Rivals, hardware is becoming stronger iArsenal extends to other gadgets. Need for Speed UnderGround 2

second screen

With the free app you can follow the Need For Speed ​​Rekun Mapon iPhone, IPod iliIPAD,set points, watchfriends and challenging races. Or you can start smaller problems minigames Onthe apartment. Despite all these good points, although the second screen loses points due to significant delays in loading.

Good arcade wheel

IDPs compared with controls, Need For Speed ​​Rivals makes onlyminor changes to the views of Most Wanted and hot pursuit. Arcade Racer puts more emphasis on entertainment rather than realism modelyuvannya.Veresk tires screaming as drift sharp turns using brake is called to get neobhodimoekachatsya aside.

If you want, you will canmanage keyboard,but you need to change the default key tasks. It is much better to play Need for Speed ​​Rivals joystick, however, reflect a steering movement thefine moresmoothly.

iskusstvennyyvoditeli led, at least in the first stage of the game, such as players relaxed and let him catch (evenafter several accidents). On the other hand, the driver zachinetiVirtuelna not be caught so quickly.

krasyvahrafika and live music, but clumsy multiplayer

visually, Need For Speed ​​Rivals, of course, naked section. Vehicles directly ofglossy brochure – while they areinvolved in collisions. The nature of the damage shows significant damage to the body. ostatochnoznyschyty to the vehicle, however, it requires some effort.

In sceneryis are takzhehorosho. Redview County brings a good mix of mountainous regions, cities, forests and desert areas. Rain, ice and fallingleaves, and changes between day and night, making for velykohovizualnoho diversity.

Need For Speed ​​Rivals music and sound effects are reliable dvaotlichnye strokes. Professional voiced responsible for the well-spoken dialogue.

Less convincing, however, the efficiency of Internet servers. delaysresulting in wild leaps transportfunds ponekogashdoagja other players out of nowhere and bulls through the line.

Conclusion: Pure racing action!

Need For Speed ​​Rivals is very similar to the previous two versions (Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted 2). Some might say it’s a bit boring – but it really isn’tlike it. RivalsShips game down totheirvery sutizahoplyuyuchyh arcade racing deystviyhorosho selected processing impeccable graphics and a funky soundtrack.

Added to this is a large onlajnsistem, which blurs the distinction between the need for offline and online content competes Speed. Conversely, the annoying delaybahatokorystuvatskyhihrahPyatnistaya a good image in some way desire stirs players to more powerful servers.

Personally, Id still like to see as a problem among friends inBurnout paradise – that would make a perfect match.


Need for Speed Carbon