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Assassin's Creed

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Assassin's Creed

Assassins Creed franchise in recent years is one of the most successful actions and adventures. The first story to explore completely absorbed a large map.

Assassins Creed look to prevent the secret society of the Templar murder in cold blood that from around the world asMember of the ruling altar. Their ability to run and jump, and hide and remain silent, if necessary, missions are assigned to various assassins to be a large frogatzekoCreed of decisive importance.

Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem: the map of Assassins Creed is divided into three main cities. Each of these tasks isFollow the actions, and on the other hand, as the flags go and see things in some missions.

Ultimately, the biggest drawback is the repetition of Assassins Creed: Games like these missions play, that they are sometimes mechanically and boring. In any case, the Creederakargarria bomber game,Excellent graphics and historical background, which we rarely see in other titles.

Although closer to the end of the game is recurring, Assassins Creed is an interesting adventure in the historical.

Assassin's Creed