Clean Master for PC 2014 torrent download

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Clean Master for PC 2014

Clean Master for PC 2014 torrent download

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Clean Master for PC 2014

PC Clean Master – this version of the popular Android optimize application. It removes unused files from your system and restores hard disk space. The application is very effective, accessible and adapted to all types of users.

Optimize lift clean PC, in order to maintain efficiency

Master Clean eliminates unnecessary files from your PC computer. analysis is carried out very quickly etaAudio / video browserat system cache, junk files, third-party applications(Up to 500) from the social, you’re done, a report with a list of all the file is not removable, it is divided by the type of waste, invalid registry keys and much more.

You can check the details of each of these items and find out exactly what files clog up your computer.

You can configure the options menu Clean Masterkorrika you start Windows. You can also enter a note informing that a exceeds unnecessary files (100, 300, 500.
Convert PDF to Word 3 800 MB or1 GB).

Finally, Master Clean PC can also be integrated kontekstoBasket menu (the “unnecessary files” with), so you can immediately begin scanning your PC instantly.

Comfortable and great design

Master Clean dadiseinu modern PC is easy, intuitive and flexible user interface with which to improve the content. easy to use and understand, even for beginners.

kogdaAnaliz finished, remove unwanted files are offered two options: you can click “Clear now” unnecessaryTo delete all files, or you can manually delete specific files if you are only interested in specific categories geroduzu.

After the cleaning, Clean Master recovered by the amount of space in each category shows a histogram.

ganapnet PC

PC Master Clean – software fantastikaNemnogo proper cleaning and maintenance of Windows.

CCleaner is a really powerful alternative, and, although its function is less developed,Without a doubt, it’s a lot more convenient mabilisat.


Clean Master for PC 2014