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FIFA 16 FIFA Portable torrent

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FIFA 16 is much lower when compared to PES 2016 is the king of football games on the throne.

Three revolutionary magic

Back for a moment to compare PES, FIFA 16 is a revolution in the series. FIFA 17 FIFA The most important of these changes is that now you can choose to play as a team of international12 women. EA Sports is the performance of women is not limited to small changes teams, with women and make all behave differently. This results in competition with slower and less physical,But also very dynamic, unpredictable and exciting.

FIFAUltimate Team (FUT) saw improvements through FUT Draft: how best to enjoy without spending time on the computer to create your team. It offers a selectionRandom players for each position, Peru ◌ help groups trained FUT and offer a version format more accessible for those with little interest in administration.
FIFA 16 FIFA Torrent You can compete in up to four difficultywin gold. FUT micro-manage tool niagaThe not least, allows you to enjoy the real system without cash payment.

Models have been other improvements example kecil.Sebagai- while working – you can create your player through training mini-games to improve their statistics.

“Time Magic” FIFA 16 is the result of more cunning by pemajuEA sport to adjust to life, the photography and physics.When it was time one feels the weight of a real game, you have to hold your head up menakjubkan.Ini glasses strong real FIFA and the area still feels better thanPES 2016.

Impressive and

Improve much, mengapaIkuti hasnt FIFA 16 feet above the competition? Problem in itself. A notable example was pure frustration trying to improve the ball. Despite alldantinkering equipment, tactical best attack you just waiting to make a mistake in passing to limit, rather than trying to make arrangements.

Collectors sick automatic selection of players in the field are more common thanNwasslu, sometimes players will benefit you play, and the ball seems magnetized to the goalkeeper.

PES 2016 Now you can use tactics and teamwork and reward for effort anda.FIFA 16 willing to sacrifice these elements in favor ofspectacle and magic. When the magic happens, it feels great. But when the system is that you lose, they seem to be, your happiness quickly and hope Lao Sin.

What is the result if we compare these two games?Well, we need to PES 2016 (at least on consoles while offering a surprising Port Konami Computer). It feels better, and he was trying to achieve. FIFA 16, on the other hand, suffer from a lack of control becauseiamengutamakan a lot of finesse.

FIFA so bad? No, not all. Attention to creating the best players may have some natural flavor is amazing heart pintumenumbuk. When a popular place he really impressive,Make you feel like you’re playing a real game.

Magic, variety, and requires them

FIFA 16 is a great football team of women is very diverse, Draft FIFA Ultimate TeamCan access the “Magic” beautiful. So if more, immediacy and glass mataAdalah your preferences, FIFA is perfect for you. EA Sports now up again to up their game if they want to stopjurangFIFA and PES development. And I have faith that they will.