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PotPlayer 1.6

PotPlayer 1.6 Torrent

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PotPlayer 1.6

There are many free media player companies, and PotPlayer is another good option for both movie and music playback.

Although most people listen to music or streaming video now, there are cases where you do not have a data connection and files stored locally is the only option. PotPlayer is an excellent media player that supports several types of media.

Qualitaspemutaran depending on the hardware installed in this program, but in testing, PotPlayernon had problems with playbackOf GB GB files, 865 MB GB AVI or MKV. Smaller files to be played without problems.
You can change the file information and a detailed analysis of information about the file, including the use of a CPU.

PotPlayer Program subtitles are available for files and .ass subtitles SRT and play automatically If they have the same folder as the video file. Number of options in the large program PotPlayer.
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PotPlayer can optimize performance, but the standard O definitionIt works well for most videos.

PotPlayer can also play audio files. It contains a standard view or you can download more online. The program contains a large amount of information about the audio file, such as bit rate, file type and other multimedia media players will report. Seperti, there are also audio options for the equalizer and they all work very well. It is not a substitute for good stereo, but it affects the sound.

This program is by Daum, a companyCorea,But the program appears entirely in English during and after installation. One of them is that the PotPlayer program is not visible in the notification area on the taskbar only, therefore, untukmenggunakan this program, you must run the screen open or find it in advance notice.

PotPlayer is a great alternative for beginners. Stable construction has many formats and quality odtwarzaniaJest ideal for video and audio supported.


I add the same conditions as the criteriaFor automatic selection of configuration management

Ditambahkanfungsi madVR pixel support

Added support to legendar SUP (Blu-ray)

Added the ability to play MP3 files with subtitles

Added support for DIVX Subtitle (XSUB)

Added the ability to change the stereo channels

In fixing capture folder dodatkuMośliwość in one place (Capture Pickpocket F5)

Fixed the problem, which was the Subtitling synchronization

Permanent damage when playing filesBIKTrue

Some improvements to the DVD subtitle and DVD menu using DXVA2

Increase Shading Pixel memory

Improvement logo

Ditambahkandukungan Daum Cloud for https

Limited Bookmark in 2000,

Best conditions for automatic selection of configuration management


PotPlayer 1.6


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