Microsoft Lync 2013 download

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Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync 2013 download

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Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync has become the standard for web conferencing and instant messaging companies. The latest version for 2013, Lync is getting better.


Lync has more features than you can shake. Microsoft has many years of experience in creating a thorough client chat. Lync not only includes instant messaging, but video conferencing and collaboration tools are great.

Work soobscheniemgnovennaya as you expect. This StatusContact is now clearly displayed next to the namethey. This status is integrated in Outlook, and also to notify you when someone is talking to them.

Coferencing is One Useful Feelures of Lync. You can share audio, video, screen, and board, and surveys. New in this version of Lync is HD video. Microsoft uses SVC to provide videotranslyatsiiyavno at 1080p.


Voice and video callsHave turned to be stable and healthy, even on the face of a bad network, though. Microsoft has been working hard forRebuild the Lync architecture to make as many options available, in the case of any reduction, or network failure.

The interface has been completely redesigned to look more like a modern app user interface for Windows 8. All flat, white and blue. Microsoft Office 2016 This makes it somewhat monotonous, but you quickly add them to it.

Lync for Easy use and all clear. No need to figure out how to do something, even if you have never usedLync version. Hovering over the contact will open up all the ways you can communicate with him.

The Lyncvynul page of Google books, provides a great screen for sharing experiences where each is shown in a video chat together presentation. This makes it easy to dampen the reactions of the virtual crowd.

Ecosystems and Poles

It’s all about the ecosystem in recent years and Microsoft deals with issues with a complete ecosystem for Lync. There are even applications of this phoneVery good for Windows8. There are also plans for Android and iOS versions.

Microsoft knows that not all users will install Lync on every computer, so they put additional work to create a web app for Lync. The modern browser will allow users to login through theirLync. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 download free torrent Web applications include the possibility of HD video conferencing, VoIP, instant messaging and desktop sharing.

KotoryyI last, but not At least, Microsoft has vocally introduced Lync with Skype.This means that Lync users will have access to all of your Skype contacts.


While Microsoft encourages users to use Skype, it recommends corporate users to use Lync. This is not This should be a problem, although Lync is one of the most unthinkable BHET chat clients out there today there is a ton of excellent features and interface has been completed. Perfectly integrated with other Microsoft products and satisfying to use the Lync ecosystem.


Microsoft Lync 2013