Battlefield 1 Preview Windows XP/7/8 torrent

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Battlefield 1 Preview

Battlefield 1 Preview Windows XP/7/8 torrent

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Battlefield 1 Preview

Battlefield 1 is a shooter first hand, set during the Second World War. It is designed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Windows. You’re probably so used to playing vv1 games, and understand what they usually low Tinni equipment technology and equipment that is not in this game. This hraZhorstkyy and genuine brilliance. You have not experienced an explosion until you feel that Battlefield 1.

Unlike games that resemble

PrvoPogled, will beThey are awarded for thinking “Order of Honor”, or play a little and you will see the tamsvit difference. The game is much softer and happens to you than the game Medal of Honor. You fight in the Second World War I-where the gun in the left or right bottom of the screen until you start shooting. Take the story in a linear way, but in an environment that feels open world / sandbox. Follow the parameters of the mission iUhvati in battles and dramasAs you go. The graphics are not from this world, so you need a gaming computer when you use the console. History is based on human rights, it really is not a refutation of war, but the people in it. Mabutscho work history and character, inspiredlong wood war movies.

Crisp explosions of fireworks and expensive drama

As we know, computer games, all the sound and creators of Battlefield-1 to znaju.Pucajte someone close andOne can break naspravdipochuty bones, like bullets pass. The sound of the explosion was sharp, and the sound of the gun did not repeat too much is a big plus in this first-person shooter. The graphics are amazing, but they are not perfect. Like many other war games, the characters see a small face. Given potochnyyTehnolohiya console, they can make a little more with the characters necessary. Instead, you have most of their efforts effects, so the game is fantastic,When the battle is in full swing. The developers have added a great variety in the game as you jump from one scenario to walking, others on the level, the second in a bubble and so on. This in turn plays this game to play, but it takes realism of the game. Unfortunately snišili the creator of the game piece so that the sale of the sale of content that can be downloaded. For example, you can not play as a double, and even pay extra.


istoriyayeNew, although the weather, war drama, plays above-average well. EA was a little tainted money is so disgusting and forcing players to pay an additional content that can be downloaded before you can enjoy during the game. If you bought a toy computer however, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, battlefield 1 reason you have paid all the money.

Battlefield 1 Preview


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