MAGIX Video Pro X8 torrent download

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MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X8 torrent download

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MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X8 (64)

MAGIX Video Pro X is the perfect video editing software for the production of more intuitive and powerful. This award-winning video processing package focuses on the special requirements of ambitious and professional users and provides bezkonkurencyjnygama advanced post-production tools.

Professional video processing

Access to detailed editing capabilities, excellent performance and cinema effects at the top of the picture andVolume.

Video production

Select from a widegamyinstrumentovusovershenvvvat its movies like the GPU video effects optimized precision instruments for measuring and editing cameras.
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Audio editing

Audio mixer in real-time, keyframe controls and samples with an accuracy in the editor and studio quality tonEfekty all you need to optimize the sound.

In addition

Access to all additional services, such as plug-in package design newblue, the impressive filterColor and the effects of the transition or PRODAD Mercalli V2 PerfectStabilizacja picture.

Most vazhnoefunktsii:

– Professional service format (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Edit scalability proxy video editing 4K smooth

– Primary and secondary 3-way color correction

– Camera installation on up to nine tracks simultaneously

-Comprehensive action cam support

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

– Hardware decoding for HD and UHD (,)

– Newblue Appearance: TopQuality filterColor in unforgettable movies

What’s new in version:

* Fixed a problem with the import of MXF files

* Fixed redkiypereboieksport HEVC

* Includes the setting of the length of very small objects on the timeline

* Zoom controls can now be used normally in the position / size of the window

* The values ​​in the position / size are now updated when the tag playback is moving

* Visual effects, the location / size in any aspect setting rendering (GPU and CPU)

*Fixed distortions due to the location / size and cultural impact

* Fixed image distortion caused by the impact of the market and cultural

* Fixed błądNazwa kogdasochetaya and effects archive

* An error has been fixed when the previously disabled changes in the rendering effect using

* An error has been fixed which prevents the installation video to “video level”

* An error has been fixed when you exit the multicam

* Audio recording is not jużTo do not stop,When pressed downEsc key in another application

A bug has been fixed to prevent the program from closing at the end of the first use of the program

* An error in the dialog / zoom camera fixed

* An error was fixed when the number of monitors in eksploatacjii the standby change

* Blackframe removed from the file proxy, which appeared as “CropVideo”, was active

* Fixed an error while loading effects templates

* Fixed image distortion (BMP) and changed keyframe

* FixedBłądobiektówFahren on a closed course vanish when the impact of the buildings / designing him dragged

* Fixed a bug with very long paths

* Added warning when loading an incorrect lookup table

* A bug has been fixed when ładowanianieobsługiwane reference tables

* Fixed an error that was saved to voznikayuschayakogda projects reference tables / loaded

* Improved speed effects based lookup tables to create

* An error in theUpdate preview has been fixed after the change monitoratablice inspection

* Various crashes fixed in the process, the effect of the calculation

* Improving the quality of the boundary to movement of objects

* Fixed an error that caused animated objects (especially the header) to exit for a while after leaving the visible area

* Fixed błądco will cause object to appear briefly on the back in its original position (only if the object previously outsideOf visible range peremeschenza)

* Improved color distortion in brightness / contrast effect once the start or end point krzywejwzruszony

* Improved speed for most reader / animation effects

* Fixed error loading or saving keyframes OpenFX plugins

* Fixed incorrect values ​​in the dialog when OpenFX neutralizes effect or subcategory as part of the check, and the effect is active again

* Material Alpha channel can now be disabled in the Chroma dialog boxKey

* The proverenasostoyaniya in the box, the luminance and chrominance Restored key

* Fixed Problems with Mercalli Image Stabilization Interlaced Material (DVD)

* Full ścieżkaFolder project is now displayed again in the Run dialog

* Animation route improved (operation zoom performance, the new maps are added) and continuous failures

* Minor changes in interface programming and location




MAGIX Video Pro X8


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