RecBoot 1.3 Windows XP/7/8 Download

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RecBoot 1.3

RecBoot 1.3 Windows XP/7/8 Download

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RecBoot 1.3

Do you have problems with your iPhone? Do not worry, most of the time with a solution: restore or reset. Until now, you can not open it, simply by pressing a combination of buttons, but RecBoot simple and all it takes is a single click. Safari 5.1

Very useful IOS

Recovery is the solution forMany firmware tasks.
BitTorrent 7.9 Windows XP/7/8 download It can help restore your device as an upgrade firmwareNaAdbylasya error that your iPhone «kill».

As a rule, you have to press a combination of buttons on the unit to make repairs on the iPhone. Sometimes this is not possible, especially if the home button oniPhone is broken. Thanks to recharge, you can enter into recovery mode without the need to press any buttons.

RecBoot will restore three easy steps: connect your iPhone to your USB-computerGamitkabel, run the program and click the button to enter recovery mode. If you do notnieGebruik need this mode, simply press the Exit recovery mode and your iPhone will return to its normal state.

Use them only in certain circumstances

Recovery is designed for advanced users who want to perform certain tasks on your iPhone. If you do notsure which mode itogayon However, we recommend that you do not ispolzovat because activating it, you enter the heart of your iPhone’s operating system.

You should also take into account that, at the present time RecBoot only works on PCs with the operating system 32-bit.If you are 64 bits, then the program will not work. We hope that it will be resolved in future updates to the app.

In addition to this requirement, you need version RecBoot ngiTunes or older, and the scope of .NET.

Lewensbewaarder for your iPhone

RecBootIPhone can be resumed after it was stoppeddue to a bad firmware update, and it can also recover data from a phone that you thought you lost. This is incredibly useful, as you are familiar with the firmware recovery.


RecBoot 1.3


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